Studio C Mastering Suite

Mastering is a must for any music project, regardless of genre - the critical final step between production and product consumption where the finishing touches are made and the final masters are created. To master an audio project to its fullest potential, you must start with an incredibly detailed sound system and superb hardware and software audio tools. But what really makes the difference is an experienced, multi-faceted, and musically trained mastering engineer. At BRC Audio Productions we offer 30+ years of world-class mastering experience right here in the Midwest.

BRC Audio's Studio C Mastering Suite is a finely tuned room built specifically to be a superb mastering environment. Our world-class Neve 8816 mastering console and other high quality analog mastering equipment provide a depth and richness that compliments any genre of music.  We're also extremely proud of our critically acclaimed Legacy Audio Aeris monitoring system. Precise acoustics combined with premium audio equipment make Studio C the ultimate mastering environment for your music.

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Hardware Mastering Equalizers Hardware Dynamics Processors
• Neve 8803 dual EQ
• Sontec MEP-250EX paremetric EQ
• Langevin Mini-Massive EQ
• dbx Quantum multiband processor

• Avalon VT-747 stereo compressor/EQ
• Manley Variable-Mu stereo compressor/limiter
• Aphex Dominator II brick-wall limiter
• dbx 1066 compressor/limiter/gate

• dbx Quantum multiband processor
• Avalon VT-747 stereo compressor/EQ

DAWs/Recorders/Playback Monitoring
• Pro Tools 10 HD system
• DSP-Quattro 4 mastering software

• Waveburner 1.6.1 mastering software
• Tascam CD-01U Professional
• Otari MX-5050 mkII tape recorder
• Legacy Audio Aeris speaker system powerd by state-of-the-art Emotiva XPA-2 amplification and pristine Emotiva XDA-2 digital-to-analog conversion
• Home-style alternate speakers
• Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Ti 5.1 Surround System
• Instant 1/8" in for referencing and instant headphone out

3rd Party Audio Software Highlights + MANY More! Other
• Waves - Broadcast and Production bundle, L3-16 bundle, Center, additilnal mixing and mastering plugins
• iZotope Ozone 7 + ALL other plugins
• SSL Duende plugin suite - hardware accelerated
• Waves, iZotope, Soundsoap audio cleanup software

• Intel Mac Pro
• Large 65" 1080p HD video monitor
• Neve 8816 summing mixer w/ 192k analog-digital conversion
• Cozy and luxurious yet highly professional atmosphere
• Can accomodate large parties up to 20

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