Studio A

BRC Studio A is the ideal recording room for any working musical ensemble - a precisely tuned 1,100 sq/ft live room with five isolation booths and additional control room inputs, giving you all the benefits of a great live room and plenty of isolation at the same time. Control Room A is also home to our fabulous Trident Series 90 console, complete with its colorful British preamps and EQ.

Key Features:

• Great-sounding, large live room plus five isolation booths
• Pro Tools 10 HD system
• Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II AD/DA conversion

• Trident Series 90 - 56 channel classic British analog console
• 150+ professional microphones available
• Outstanding outboard gear selection
• Yamaha C7 & C5 grand pianos

• Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos
• Hammond A100 organ w/ Leslie
• Birch Yamaha Custom Series drum kit
• Can easily accomodate large ensembles
• Ultra-low latency 16-channel digital headphone system
• Can accomodate over 30 headphone sends
• Great room for video shoots!
• Large control room with high seating capacity
• 5'x7' video projector display
• Boxer T4 mains

Studio B - 5.1 Surround

Studio B is great for recording projects where a large live tracking space is not required - voiceovers, overdubs, small groups, etc. Enjoy a comfier, more laid back atmosphere while still getting the same professional Pro Tools HD and ultra-low latency headphone monitoring offered in Studio A!

Studio B is also set up for 5.1 surround mixing - Features include the Waves 360° Surround Tools plugin bundle and Klipsch Reference 5.1 surround system.

Key Features:

• Pro Tools 10 HD system
• 150+ professional microphones available
• Four isolation recording booths
• Ultra-low latency multi-channel headphone mix system

• Tape cassette, CD, DAT decks and turntable for audio cleanup and transfers
• Guitar re-amping
• 5.1 surround mixing
• Klipsch Reference 5.1 surround system
• Waves 360° Surround Tools plugin bundle

Studio C Mastering

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Studio D

Studio D is a project oriented studio consisting of a control room and voiceover booth, with a huge arsenal of the most up-to-date audio/music production software. Great for Rap, voiceovers, and other solo vocal sessions, vocal/instrumental overdubs, guitar re-amping, drum/other part replacement, computer music/MIDI production, mixing and editing, etc.

Key Features:

• 1-2 person recording booth
• 2 great outboard vocal channel preamps
• 2 dual channel tube preamps
• Guitar re-amping
• Upright piano
• Ultra-low latency headphone monitoring
• Enormous effects and instrument plugin library


• Large parking lot
• Land line phone/printer/scanner/fax
• Free Wi-Fi access and cable TV
• Separate men & womens restrooms

• Two large lounge areas
• Break room w/ vending
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